FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When is rent due?

  • Rent is due no later than the first of the month, regardless of weekends and/or holidays. Contact our office directly if you are unable to make your payment on time.


How do I pay my rent?

  • Cash payments can be made at our office, Monday-Friday between 9AM-4PM.
  • Check or money order payments can be mailed to: ITC Realty, PO Box 20116, Worcester MA 01602
  • If you stop by our office and we are closed, please feel free to utilize the envelopes and mail slot at our main entrance to leave any check or money order payments. Do not leave cash payments. We cannot ensure the safety of cash payments left unattended. Always make sure you receive a receipt for any payments made with cash and retain the receipt for your records.


How do I pay for my utilities?

  • Call National Grid at 800-322-3223 to set up your account for electricity.
  •   Call Eversource at 800-592-2000 to set up your account for gas (heat and hot water).
  • For any landlord approval forms (e.g. satellite installation for DirecTv), please contact our office directly.
  • Worcester Quality Apartments is not responsible for any billing issues associated with utility companies.


How do I get rid of my trash?

  •  The City of Worcester will only collect trash that has been placed in yellow trash bags. We are a pay-to-throw city. More information about trash and recycling can be found here and yellow trash bags can be found at many local grocery stores. All trash that is improperly disposed of will be charged accordingly by maintenance.


Who is responsible for yard maintenance and snow removal?

  • Our maintenance team is responsible for all snow clean-up and landscaping issues. If you feel that an issue has been neglected outside of your apartment building, please call our office.


How do I report a maintenance issue inside my apartment or building?

  • Your first option for reporting a maintenance issue is to call our office. Outside of operating hours, all calls are forwarded to an answering service who will relay the message to whomever is on-call for the night.
  • Your second option for reporting a maintenance issue is to come to our office in person to explain the problem.
  • For non-emergent issues, you may also make a report via email or using our maintenance form located here.


Who can I call in case of emergency?

  • If you suspect theft, destruction of property, or bodily harm contact the police immediately.
  • If you smell gas, call Eversource directly.
  • If you are without power and are current on your National Grid Bill, check online for outages. If there are no outages in your area, contact our office directly for assistance.
  • All maintenance emergencies should be reported by calling our office number. There is always someone available to answer calls at 508-756-9220, and emergencies are immediately reported to our maintenance team.


What do I do if I lose my keys or get locked out of my apartment?

  • If you are locked out of your apartment or need to order replacement keys, please call our office.
  • Our lock-out and replacement key schedule is as follows:
    • Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM-$30 to unlock your door
    • Weekdays after 5PM, weekends any time-$50 to unlock your door
    • Replacement keys-$20 for replacement [apartment and/or main entry] set, $20 for replacement mailbox key