Apartment Rules

Worcester Quality Apartments strives to maintain the best living environments for all of our tenants. Because of this, we have set rules every tenant must abide by to ensure their neighbors’ quiet enjoyment. If you have any questions not addressed here or within your rental agreement, contact our office directly.

Contact the police immediately if you witness any illicit activity (including but not limited to theft, intentional destruction of property, lewd behavior, or disturbance of the peace).


No Smoking:

All properties owned and managed by ITC Realty are non-smoking buildings. We do not allow smoking of any kind within our buildings or rented apartments. Signage is posted throughout all properties. Tenants and guests who smoke must fully exit the building before lighting up to remain in compliance with leasing terms.



City of Worcester quiet hours are observed between 9PM-7AM. During this time, respect your neighbors and refrain from yelling, playing loud music, using power tools, etc. to keep from disturbing neighbors. Excessive noise and other activities that disturb the peace and quiet of other tenants in the building is considered a breach of the rental agreement. If your neighbors create excessive noise during quiet hours, please contact the non-emergent police line and inform our office the following day.

Express, written consent from the landlord is required for pets. Any dogs that have been authorized by the landlord must be licensed at City Hall each year. Service animals must have documentation on file with the landlord. We do not allow pit bulls or mixed breed pits to reside in any of our apartments. Tenants are responsible for cleaning up after all pets, and will be held liable for any damages. The yard is available for use by all tenants, and pets’ excretions must be cleaned up immediately to ensure neighbors’ enjoyment.

Any guests that remain overnight in the apartment for seven (7) or more days shall be considered unauthorized occupants and must be added to the rental agreement with express written permission from the landlord or be removed from the premises. Immediate family and spouses are not considered guests, but all tenants must abide by State Sanitary Code provisions concerning minimum square footage and occupancy limits. If there are any changes in your household composition, notify the landlord as soon as possible to ensure the rental agreement is up to date. Similarly, tenants must obtain express written consent from the landlord to sublet all or any part of the rented premises.


Right of Access:

The landlord, property manager, or maintenance workers will give all tenants reasonable advance notice (minimum of 24 hours per Massachusetts law) of intent to enter except in the event of an emergency. If there is an active water leak, electrical malfunction, or issue with gas, maintenance may enter to make emergency repairs without advance notice. During regular business hours, our office will attempt to call using the phone number listed on the lease and will follow up by email if no there is no answer by phone. Maintenance requests can be submitted via our online form or by calling into the office. Express consent must be given by the tenant for each individual appointment if you would like maintenance to enter while the apartment is empty. Within the last 30 days of occupancy, the landlord is entitled to enter and inspect the premises with advanced notice.

If an apartment appears abandoned or a court order has been issued, the landlord has the right to enter without advance notice. In the event that the tenant changes the locks to the apartment without informing the landlord, tenants may be fined up to $500. A copy of any new keys must be furnished to the landlord upon installation to ensure access in the case of an emergency.


Please call 508-756-9220 or contact us today with any questions.